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Review: “Jackdaw”

CoverJackdawIf you stop running, you fall.

Jonah Pastern is a magician, a liar, a windwalker, a professional thief…and for six months, he was the love of police constable Ben Spenser’s life. Until his betrayal left Ben jailed, ruined, alone, and looking for revenge.

Ben is determined to make Jonah pay. But he can’t seem to forget what they once shared, and Jonah refuses to let him. Soon Ben is entangled in Jonah’s chaotic existence all over again, and they’re running together—from the police, the justiciary, and some dangerous people with a lethal grudge against them.

Threatened on all sides by betrayals, secrets, and the laws of the land, can they find a way to live and love before the past catches up with them?



Author: KJ Charles

Publisher: Samhain

Genre: Gay Romance, Paranormal, Victorian

Why I’m reviewing this: KJ Charles is one of my favorite genre authors. I was hooked as soon as I first read “The Magpie Lord”, which to this day remains one of my favorite books. Her writing is expressive, emotional and occasionally quite comical, not to mention stunningly creative – I mean, gay paranormal Victorian romance! – and it works so, so very well. Her knowledge of the historical periods in which her stories are set is outstanding. I adore her characters, her sense of humor, and her ability to create some truly outstanding chemistry. Originally, I wasn’t sure about including book reviews in this blog, but after reading Jackdaw today, I can’t not recommend it.

This book in three words: Exciting. Emotional. Dramatic.

This book in slightly more than three words: Jackdaw is a spin-off from KJ Charles’ A Charm of Magpies series, and it features appearances from several of my very favorite characters, which quite frankly already would have been enough to hook me. One of the main characters of this book, Jonah, is a minor villain from the series, and Jackdaw is an attempt at his redemption and an exploration of his motives and backstory. He is a flawed character, but also a fascinating one, and I enjoyed getting to know him beyond “that jerk who nearly got my favorite couple killed in Flight of Magpies“. I’m not going to get into the plot beyond what’s already in the blurb, I’ll leave that to anyone wishing to read the book, but I will say that my personal highlight was the massive emotional rollercoaster through which Jonah and his love interest Ben struggle throughout the course of the book. Plus, there’s rooftop chase sequences, stylish magic and Victorian-style swearing. What more do you need in a good book? Not a thing, that’s what.

I’m Having All The Fun… Except Not Really

Blech. Not a surprise to anyone, I’m sure, that I place bronchitis very firmly in the “no fun” category, especially now that my eleven-month-old has it as well. Tough to get anything done when my day currently consists of coughing spells, miserable kidlet, and me feeling sorry for myself. It’s the first time that my son has been actually sick sick, and since I’m not very good at the mommy thing yet, I spend a lot of time freaking out and trying to make sure that he’s comfortable, which means I have a harder time recovering, myself.

Apart from that, I’m having chocolate since that fixes everything, my cats are pouting because I don’t have enough energy to make them feel like they’re the center of the universe, and it’s snowing again which- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Hey guys, I have awesome snow in my back yard. Free to a good home. Limited time offer. Bonus bronchitis included when you pick it up.

Not This Again

New writing endeavor, new protagonist. I thought that after Lysander, who makes an art form out of being contrary, I could handle anything, but nooo. Protag and I are already at odds.


Me: “‘Kay, good plot and all, but this is a romance, so we should probably start working on your love interest.”

Protag: “Oh, he‘s cute!”

Me: “…that’s the antagonist.”

Protag: “Gimme!”

Me: “No! You’re shy and he’s an asshole!”

Protag: “Is there a gentle, vulnerable soul hiding beneath his rough facade?”

Me: “No. That’s not how this book works.”

Protag: “Gimme anyway!”




The kidlet has been cranky lately. He has also been busy playing with the world’s most annoying baby toy drum set. In trying to retain my sense of humor, I thought about what sorts of tracks the kidlet would lay down if he were to record a CD. Here’s the list:

1. Look It’s A Thing Lemme Bash You In The Face With It

2. Everybody Hurts (When I Chew On Them)

3. Hi My Name Is Kidlet And I Want To Put Carrots In Your Face

4. The Boobie Ballad

5. Everything Is Stupid But Napping Is Worse

6. Ode To My Feetses

7. What Is This I Put It In My Mouth

8. Sleep Is For Losers

9. Food On The Ceiling

10. NAKED! (And Why You Should Be, Too)

Character Attitude

Most authors I know occasionally have the same problem I do – sassy characters who just won’t take direction. Usually, they make for the most interesting protagonists because their ‘tude is memorable and entertaining. Lysander was definitely one such protagonist. When I was emailing a friend the other day and tried to describe what writing him was like, it went something like this…

“Okay, let’s start on this scene where you talk to Finn-”


“Um, who cares? You’re supposed to be talking about-”


“No, stop being so dramatic. First you need to-”


“…fine, I guess we’ll deal with the tie-dye crisis first then.”


“You are not setting your cousin on fire.”


Quote: The Good Boy

If the worst thing Lane had done in college was illegally make toast, well – how very Lane.

from The Good Boy by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock


My $0.02: This line is ridiculously rich in characterization, and in such a beautiful way. It conveys so much of Lane’s personality, and of how Derek sees Lane. Plus, it makes me grin every single time I read it.