Monthly Archives: December 2014

Why I Should Never Poll Anyone On Anything

So I’ve been trying to come up with an idea of what I am even going to put on this blog. These days, it’s pretty much expected of an author to be maintaining a blog, to entertain with funny, informational and thoughtful commentary on… well, that’s the rub. Who the hell knows?! Am I even interesting enough to pull this off? I just want to write some books and stuff!

So I’ve been asking everyone within a ten mile radius the question “What in the world should I write about in my blog?” The answers I got were as follows.

My beta reader:

“Uhhh. I dunno? Funny work anecdotes. Funny baby anecdotes?”

My husband:

“The exciting and eternal struggle of what to feed your husband for supper.”

Cat #1:

“The intricacies of achieving world domination without opposable thumbs.” *

Cat #2:

“Food! Wait, what’s a blog? Can I eat it?” *

Cat #3:

“How everyone should sit as proper and precisely as I do.” *

The baby:


The fish:

“…H2O?” *

… and that’s when I gave up.

(* paraphrased)